Producing a music video can be a creative challenge for a production company. Our artistic approach at Spirit Cinevideo Thailand will be very suitable for the creation of music videos, that can bring the best out of the ideas of the music artists. Or we can produce creative concepts from the lyrics of a song with storyboards and production art.
Artistic cinematography, creative editing, motion graphics, or special effects can further enhance the final result of your music video. A music video production will be in good hands at Video Productions Thailand.

A music video produced, filmed, and edited by Spirit Cinevideo Thailand. Our client came specially to Thailand to take advantage of the great locations available in Thailand. They found us through our website Video Productions Thailand and impressed by our creative approach in music video production. Our director can create an eye-catching music video with the usage of special effects and graphics to fit higher budget expectations, or just with artistic and professional videography to fit a smaller budget. Budgets in Thailand are mostly lower than elsewhere, with us you get a professional quality music video production for it.
This is an impression of a higher budget music video production in Thailand. This special music video was produced by Spirit Cinevideo Thailand for the music publishing company in Europe and aired at M-tv Europe. Filmed on locations in Thailand and in our studio. Since there was not a clear performing star in the music, the Director of Spirit Cinevideo Thailand developed a short story, concept arts and storyboards for this cinematic music video production. Actors casting, location scouting, cinematography, post production, and visual effects all done by our professionals at Video Productions Thailand.
Spirit Cinevideo Thailand can also handle a medium but tight budget music video production, like this Girls Band music video. We produced it with efficiency in a one day blue screen studio shooting, without compromising artistic values. Our Director provided all the creative ideas to visualized the lyrics of this girls band music track. Then filmed the band in ways that enabled the creation of a suitable visual style in post production. Most of the budget went in the special effects completely created in-house at Video Productions Thailand. Band and manager were amazed of the result of this in Thailand produced music video.