On this corporate video production page of the Video Productions Thailand website we present examples of corporate video productions made by Spirit Cinevideo Thailand. We are specialized in creating an eye catching and professional corporate video for clients located in Thailand,
Asia or even other parts of the world.
We understand that in the perception of your audience, the quality of a corporate video production is in direct relation with the quality of the presented company or product. Therefor you need a corporate video that is professionally made, visually appealing, well-structured and informative within your company style of presentations. We can turn your corporate video idea into a stunning visual story that can stand out between all
other corporate video productions in Thailand.


You can get a taste of how we can make industrial projects in Thailand look stunning with our creative approach in corporate video production services in Thailand. The production company Spirit Cinevideo Thailand, is operating in Thailand for about 25 years. With this long experience in corporate video production in Thailand and other parts in Asia, we can take on any smaller or mega industrial project with the same professional insurance for your corporate video presentation. Our corporate video production in Thailand, can include drone filming, multiple camera set ups, and special effects.

A professional corporate video production in Thailand for the Netherlands Thai Chamber of Commerce, by Spirit Cinevideo Thailand. This corporate video presentation was aimed at Dutch international companies operating in Thailand. Concepts, script and visual storytelling storyboards developed by our experienced Video Director for our corporate video productions in Thailand. All footage was original created and filmed in Bangkok and Leam Chabang Port. On the Video Productions Thailand website you can see the stunning drone footage specially filmed for this Thailand corporate video presentation.
Kroll Cranes Denmark hired Spirit Cinevideo Thailand to create a corporate video presentation for a unique and huge wind farm building project in Thailand. This was one of the biggest corporate video productions ever made by us. Multiple camera setups, Aerial drone filming, action cam setups, time-lapse video, were all used for this big scope project in Thailand. The client wanted a professional quality video that is easy to watch for all viewers through visual story telling. The result was called ’stunning’ and ‘awesome’ by the management of Kroll Cranes, and their agent in Thailand.
Promech asked Spirit Cinevideo Thailand to created a corporate video for their international marketing.
Aerial drone filming, 3 angle cam setups, indoors and out door filming, time-lapse video, motion graphics and effects were all used to create a professional and eye catching looking corporate video production.
This corporate video produced in Thailand, is a good example what we can do to make
a corporate video stand out with creative solutions and great images.

A Video Productions Thailand corporate video for Zodiac Aerospace.
Filmed on location at Thailand based factories,
and at the head office in The Netherlands. We used Time Lapse, Motion Graphics and even Special Effects to focus the attention of the audience.
The Zodiac management praised the video’s quality, and the much lower budget needs – even including air travel to The Netherlands – compared to a local dutch video team.


Manitou is a world leader in rough-terrain handlers. The Manitou head office in Singapore choose for their corporate video production a Thailand based production company: Spirit Cinevideo Thailand. Our professional results in producing corporate videos in Thailand for high or low budget productions was confincing for the high quality demands of Manitou. Video Productions Thailand did the location filming in Singapore, but for sharper budgets we developed the conceps for this corporate video in Thailand, did product studio filming in Thailand and the did the post production in Thailand, complete with Motion Graphics, and Special Effects to tell an eye-catching visual story for the Manitou corporate video.


Video Productions Thailand can produce HD films on Blu-Ray disc, like this corporate video for ESCO offshore shipping industry. All was filmed at the Laem Chabang International port in Thailand. Video productions Thailand used multiple camera angles, with tele-lenses and even fish-eye optics, as well as aerial filming and Motion Graphics. Multiple language narration was made for English, Thai, and Japanese versions.