Commercial videos usually lack famous star actors to ensure success. And time to tell a story is very limited.
No millions of dollars budget for special effects. So the success of a commercial video depends mainly on the creative vision of the director, and his know-how to tell striking visual stories in a short film, while working on a tight budget.
Welcome to the creative world of the senior Director at Video Productions Thailand.
The senior Producer – Director and founder of Spirit Cinevideo Thailand has over 30 years of experience in video productions and visual communication. He is at home in concept making, scripting, cinematography and in editing processes, overseeing all stages of a video or film production.


Creating the images and look for commercial films is an art-form that requires high level visual talent and skills.
At video productions Thailand the filming is mostly done by an experienced western professional.
Eye-catching cinematography with an artistic feel, and filmic look is a mayor factor to help focus the audience’s attention. In the perception of your audience the quality of a video is in direct relation with the quality of the product or company.

The showreel is made from extracts of the wide variation of projects produced for our international clients. An example how images can give a feeling of quality and creates a ‘wow’ factor for an audience.


The editing stage is the most important and most labour intensive stage of a video production.
Here all footage, music and sounds will be moulded together to form a compelling story. Color grading, sound design,
story structure, edit pace, and graphic effects brought together will make or brake the final viewing experience for an audience.
To see this specialised work, play this show reel of Video Productions Thailand.
Post production or the editing stage is completely done in-house at Spirit Cinevideo Thailand.
We have the facilities and artists for sound design, video editing, motion graphics and visual effects creation. Which can add extra production value to all films, even for tight budgets.