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Welcome at Video Productions Thailand, the website of Spirit Cinevideo Thailand. Spirit Cinevideo has a full service video production capacity, that is managed by professional western artists but is located in Thailand for more than 20 years. What makes our video production company different is our expertise in visual communications with a creative approach for commercial videos or corporate video productions. Video Productions Thailand has produced professional videos in Bangkok, Thailand, South East Asia, and European based clients. With our professional services in pre-production, production and post-production, we can create eye catching results that makes your video stand out from the crowd.

Pre-production is the stage of concepts making, script writing, storyboards, or model casting. At Video Productions Thailand this can be a part of our total video production, but it can be hired as a stand-alone service as well.
The production stage is the actual filming. Our senior Director and Cinematographer assure professional location filming. The artistic and storytelling Cinematography from Video Productions Thailand can be hired as a stand-alone service as well.
With aerial filming a special flavour can be added with striking images and better visual information of projects and environments. Professional drone filming from Video Productions Thailand can be hired as a stand-alone service as well.
Filming indoors needs extra attention in lighting and image compositions. With special wide-angle optics we will make the best of any interior shooting. Video
Productions Thailand can provide this as a stand-alone service as well.
Filming in the studio can be necessary for scenes that need a controlled environment or for Special Effects. Video Productions Thailand makes creative usage of the possibilities in a studio, this could also be hired as a stand-alone studio service.
The Cinematographer and Photographer of Video Productions Thailand can create cutting edge product photography with or without a model, to create a professional look in a product presentation. This can be hired as a stand-alone service as well.
Are special effects that are actually filmed without the help of a computer. An art-form that is often forgotten but can be very cost effective. The skills of our Director and Cinematographer to do this can be used as a stand-alone service as well.
At Spirit Cinevideo Studios we have a complete Editing, Motion Graphics, Special Effects, Sound Design, Music editing and Sound mixing facility. The talented artists for high-end editing can be hired as a stand-alone service as well.
Over the years we have produced Documentaries, Corporate films and TV Commercials for clients based in Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Europe and for Discovery Channel in the USA. We were often praised for our creativity and professional quality, mostly made within much lower budgets compared to western countries. In the perception of your audience the quality of your video is in direct relation with the quality of your product or company. At Video Productions Thailand we are committed to deliver the best for the buck. Some feedback of our clients can be seen here.
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